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Message to World's Religious Leaders

The theme of the message of the Universal House of Justice, the internationally elected council that guides the worldwide, five-million member Bahá'í community, points to the striking developments in the past century whereby prejudices based on gender, race or nationality have been recognized as unacceptable by all thinking people. Although they continue to exist in practice, there is a strong groundswell towards their abolition. Religious prejudice persists, however, triggering a crisis, the message states, that should compel religious leaders to make a "break with the past as decisive as those that opened the way for society to address equally corrosive prejudices of race, gender and nation."  excerpted from Bahá'í World News Service article dated May 15, 2002

Statement on The Destiny of America

Published 23 December 2001 [by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baháís of the United States] as a full-page advertisement in The New York Times, the statement says that Baháís believe the American nation "will evolve, through tests and trials to become a land of spiritual distinction and leadership, a champion of justice and unity among all peoples and nations, and a powerful servant of the cause of everlasting peace."

Drawing on earlier Baháí statements and passages from the Baháí writings, the 645-word document identifies six prerequisites for world peace: "universal acceptance" of the oneness of humanity; the eradication of racism; the full emancipation of women; the elimination of "inordinate disparity" between the rich and the poor; an end to "unbridled nationalism"; and harmony between religious leaders. excerpted from Baháí World News Service article dated January 3, 2002.



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